Green is the New Black

Camille Co. products are inspired by nature. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products have as little impact on our environment as possible. Outlined below are the steps taken during the manufacturing process & how Camille Co. strives to opt for environmentally friendly alternatives at every step of the way. The black icons depict the regular steps taken in the process & the green icons depict how Camille Co. operates to ensure the environment is respected. Green is the new black.



The first part of any manufacturing process is the raw material extraction. Everything that is produced is made up of materials extracted from our environment. The task at hand is to minimize the impact this process has on our environment so natural resources are plentiful for generations to come. Camille Co. ensures the use of renewable sources & sustainable ingredients wherever possible to create our products. Our candles are made from natural soy wax (a vegetable crop) which is an ecologically friendly, sustainable, safer and renewable alternative to paraffin (by-product of petroleum). We use sustainable-certified palm oil in our soaps instead of animal fats, which ensures our soaps are vegan & cruelty free. We source our paper and cardboard packaging material from sustainably managed forests.

Camille Co. products are made in New Zealand. The marketplace is saturated with imported products from overseas. Traceability, unfair trade, resource consumption & over packaging are just some of the concerns wholesalers are faced with when importing mass produced consumer goods. Camille Co. uses materials and ingredients from only trusted, fair and reliable sources. Our products are handmade locally in small batches. We have strong relationships and open lines of communication with our local suppliers to ensure the quality of our products is of the highest standard.

Wherever we can, we choose local. The less distance a product has to travel, the smaller the environmental footprint. Not only does hauling container loads of products across the water require large volumes of non-renewable energy and resources, excessive protective packaging is used (and discarded) to safely deliver imported products in peak condition. Because our products are manufactured in New Zealand, they require much less transportation and handling than those from overseas. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed for easy & safe transportation.

Camille Co. prefers quality over quantity. Our products are handmade locally with ethically sourced, premium ingredients. We have worked closely with local designers & professionals to ensure that our products are of the highest standard. Our products are rigorously tested & are longer lasting to ensure you get the most out of your money spent. Buying less & buying higher quality is better for you & our environment.

Packaging is paramount for protecting our products to ensure they arrive to you in peak condition. Camille Co. prefers to use materials which are either made from recycled materials, are recyclable, or both. We discourage the use of single use plastic & encourage thoughtful disposal or reuse of packaging.