Core Values

We live in one of the most beautiful countries on this planet & Camille Co. is committed to the preservation of it. Camille Co. strives to reduce waste & resource consumption through research, design & education. We want to keep our land, water & air clear of harmful waste which could destroy our natural environment for future generations.

Careful consideration goes into the sourcing of materials, as well as the manufacturing processes & logistics, to ensure that Camille Co. products, & their packaging, are as ethical & ecologically friendly as possible.

All our packaging is either designed for re-purpose, derived from post consumer waste, or is 100% recyclable or compostable.

We are mindful to design innovative packaging & systems to be more economical, reducing the need for unnecessary materials & resources, while ensuring we protect our products so that they can withstand transport & handling, & arrive in peak condition to the customer.

By offering long lasting, superior products, we help eliminate the need for excessive production, manufacturing & consumption.


Camille Co. encourages understanding, supportive & healthy connections inside & outside of business. It is important to us to establish and maintain positive relationships with family, friends, employees, contractors, suppliers, retailers & customers. We can cultivate this through respect, transparency, responsibility, communication, loyalty, commitment, understanding & care.


Quality is paramount. We believe in quality over quantity. We ensure that our products are rigorously and responsibly tested to ensure safety and quality. We rely on customer feedback to evolve & meet market demands.


Camille Co. is passionate about design. Four words: Thoughtful, beautiful, functional & sustainable.


Camille Co. is eager for knowledge & passionate about sharing it. We constantly liaise with experts in all fields relevant to Camille Co. for applicable & current information to help influence & guide our decision making. We carefully research every aspect to ensure we are delivering products in line with our core values.

Camille Co. endeavours to educate consumers. We share our knowledge through design & marketing.

With a focus on sustainability & design, Camille Co. strives to create awareness surrounding conscious & thoughtful consumption, mindful of the effects of over packaging and un-thoughtful disposal. Camille Co. provides customers with solutions & tools to help protect the environment.