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Thank you to sustainability expert Kellie Benner for writing another great blog post. I couldn't agree more with what she says. If you are left feeling like you want more, check the other post she wrote for us last month Zero Waste - Recycling less, not more. Cheyney xxx

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There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth shopping at your local market or independent shop. A growing number of studies are showing that small-scale, locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, well connected, and generally better off, than communities that rely on large ‘big box’ stores. Here we explore a few of our favourite reasons to shop with your local small business.

Reinvest in the local community

When you support a small local business, you’re helping a small business owner buy their kids’ school uniform, or save up to buy their first home, instead of helping the CEO of a large multinational company fund her third holiday home.

Local businesses recirculate a greater share of every dollar in the local economy, as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees. For every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community, which is more than twice the amount that chains reinvest, according to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

Small business owners are more likely to use other local businesses for services (like accounting services, or packaging suppliers), creating a network of thriving local businesses.

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Fewer carbon miles

Not only does shopping locally reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from your own transport to the shop, but buying locally made goods also means that the products haven’t been shipped halfway across the world, creating even more emissions. Saving the ice caps, one locally made soap and candle at a time.

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More unique, interesting products

Small local shops often stock items by local producers and designers that you can’t find elsewhere- buy a dress from an up-and-coming local designer, and it’s pretty unlikely that someone else will turn up to the office party in the same dress. The same is true for gifts- buying your mum a locally made soap or candle means it’s pretty unlikely that she’ll already have the same one.

Create more local jobs

A number of studies have shown that small local businesses employ more people per unit of sales, and retain more employees during an economic downturn than large chains. Locally owned businesses are also linked to higher income growth and lower levels of poverty in the community.

You’re also more likely to get better customer service, and more local expertise, by shopping locally. For example, the owner of your local garden centre will probably be able to give you better advice about the plants that will grow in your climate.

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Keeping your neighbourhood a desirable place to live

According to an article in Forbes, “Neighborhoods served by successful small businesses see home values increase 50 percent on average. If your neighbourhood is full of vibrant local businesses, then the value of your neighbourhood will increase as it becomes more desirable.”

We all know this to be true- walking through a group of local shops full of vibrant cafes and businesses is far more pleasant than walking past a bunch of empty, boarded-up shop fronts. It takes our support to keep them there.

There are plenty of reasons why shopping with small local producers and shops benefits you, your community, and our environment. Pick up a locally-made Camille Co. soap or candle. either online or from the following local stores. Want some more suggestions for great NZ businesses? Check out Amazing Gifts by some of the best local businesses, Our top 5 New Zealand Made Goodies or Stockist Spotlight - Luxury Designer Goodies in the Heart of RiverheadWhat’s not to love?

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