The 10 best pictures I have ever taken

Art Cheyney

Disclaimer: 10 of the best pictures I have ever taken, only in my opinion. These might not be the best pictures I have ever taken 'technically'. But for some reason, out of a collection of many of thousands of photographs, these are the ones that I keep coming back to. They're the ones that I hold a certain connection with.

In no particular order here they are. This was a hard list to narrow down because I am attached to my photos & memories. I'm somewhat of a memory hoarder. 

1. Cape Reinga

I love Northland. On this trip (from a few years back) I took about a billion photographs. This one I have always loved because of the theatrical lighting on the rusty sign. It was an absolute fluke. 

2. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe | Berlin, Germany

I can remember being here like it was yesterday. So chilling. I love how the rectangular forms reflect the light.

3. Camille Co. Mood Photograph

This photo is my favourite of all the photos I have taken for Camille Co.

I like the composition & mood of the image. This is an image I shot for our Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle range. The range smells warm & spicy so my intention when taking this photograph was to make the image look like how it smells.

4. At my friend's wedding 

I love how the hands divide the picture & there is the contrast between the white & black corners. Thank you to Dana & Jeremy for trusting me to snap some wedding images for them.

5. Muriwai Sunset

NAAAAAAA ZVEGNYAAAAAAA MAAAAA WAAAA DIIII TIIII MO MOOOOO. Ok, so those aren't the actual lyrics but that's my impression of the opening song to the Lion King. This is the most 'Lion Kingesque' image I have taken. 

6. Canada eh?

Canada is tricky, it's SO beautiful that I am attached to every photo I took there. Not only is it beautiful, but I have so many positive associations with it. The bear is totes my spirit animal, I am pretty near obsessed with bears. I know I sound half my age when I say that but it's true (haha). There is something so majestic about Bears. I saw a LOT while I was in Canada. I never felt threatened by them (I kept my distance & I'm not denying that bears can be scary).

This photo I took while visiting Waterton National Park with friends. I have many photos of different bears but this is my favourite because the bear looks healthy. This was shot with a 75mm-300mm lens with no stabilisation feature so to get it in focus when shooting with manual settings can be tricky.

7. South Island Trip

This is my most recently taken photograph out of the 10. I love New Zealand, it's so pretty. This has #nofilter & captures exactly the essence of that day. You know how a photo never quite captures the real beauty? Well, for me, this one does.

I couldn't tell you exactly where this is. It's somewhere on the drive between Oamaru & Wanaka. Does anyone know the name? If you need another clue, it isn't far from a big dam.

8. Abstract

Taken down on Wellington's waterfront. Because stripes. I love with this image that you can't tell what it is, it's open for interpretation. It is of the sun hitting some pillars on a building. You can see the strength of the sun in NZ just by looking at the contrast between the pillar fronts & the shadows they cast. 

9. Ferns

Ferns - The epitome of New Zealand iconography. I love a good shallow depth of field (blurry in the background). It's so dreamy. The lighting in this photograph (like in image 1) is a fluke. It almost looks staged. A good reminder for me to carry my camera around more. Who knows what shots I'm missing out on? I had no idea at the time I was taking this image that it would end up in my top 10!

10. Bethells Beach

You can't tear me away from these beautiful beaches. I love the West Coast, even though I don't live there (yet), it just feels like home.

So there you have it, 10 of my favourite images out of a collection of thousands! Which image is your favourite? I would love to hear your feedback.

We are running our own photography challenge on Instagram this Saturday (12th of November) at General Collective + Scandinavian Christmas Market, come on down to ASB Showgrounds between 9am-3pm to find out how you can WIN the entire Camille Co. soap range.

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