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You might remember a while back we interviewed Ashleigh from Wild & Yellow (you can read this article here: Wild & Yellow - The Epitome of Perfection). It went down a treat & had an overwhelming response. So I decided to do another interview. As I mentioned in the interview with Ashleigh, one of the best things about being in business is being able to meet with other like-minded individuals. 

I present to you Stephanie, the mastermind behind Poppysbabble. My virtual friendship with Stephanie started on my phone where I came across her stunning @poppysbabble Instagram feed. She has been treating my eyes for almost a year now. Although I have never met Stephanie, after numerous emails, Instagram messages, Snapchats, FB posts etc. I feel like I know her. To get to know her even better, I decided to interview her:   

What inspired you to start styling images to share with the world?

It kind of started as a bit of a joke. I got a bunch of new products in a haul and it was more of a 'let's see how creative I can take photo's of these things'. I'd never done anything like that before, but I had such a blast doing it, and people loved it, so I kind of kept going. I found myself scheduling time out of my Sundays to take shots, and my following blossomed. Once seeing how much people liked my content and apparently my 'crude humour' (thanks I think guys!) then kind of thought 'maybe a blog would be a good idea, and here we are :)   


What is your favourite image you have shared on your Instagram account? And why? 

Is it rude to say a selfie? haha. No in seriousness it would be one of my first photos of Soda Press Co. It was one of my first really 'creative (or I feel) flatlays, and got a lot of recognition. They were one of the first companies to support me and reach out via Instagram too, so I definitely have a special love for them. I met one of the creators and the food show this year and he's just so lovely, I'll always rave about their products. When I posted that I only had around 300 followers at the time, and it's really the image that made me think 'hey maybe I should do this more often, I loved styling it, and people seem to love it'

Which image (that you have shared on Instagram) has had the biggest response from your audience?

This is an interesting one, as it's usually photo's that are in my 'only use if out of fresh content' pile that gain the most attention. One's I don't think are as good an use in an 'emergency' seem to get the bigger responses than one's that I'm super proud of. At the moment I think my most interacted with post was a flat-lay of essence brow products. I read somewhere that photo's with blue tend to attract more likes, I find personally, anything with all black products seem to gain the most traction. 

You have recently launched your website www.poppysbabble.com. It's my understanding that you have a full-time job & this is a side gig. How do you find the time? And how do you keep motivated?

Honestly, I don't really find the time, haha. I'd like to post WAY more often than I do, but I'm yet to work out how to fit it in. I have a pretty hectic schedule. I'm up at 5.50am and get home from work around 5pm, fit a workout in, cook for myself and the manchild (my Instagram husband Joe) and then the lighting isn't any good for photo's (I use only natural light). Usually on Sunday's I have some time to myself to flatlay as Joe goes to his parents for brunch. I should go, but social life kind of takes a back seat while you get things like this up and running. Eventually, I'd like to cut back my day job hours to 4 days a week, so I would have a full day to draft posts for the following week, so that's definitely a 2017 goal. 

What drew you to Camille Co. (thank you for all the props) & which scent is your favourite? 

I'm always on the look out for other like-minded Instagrammers and bloggers in NZ, but I especially love when a blog and a product overlap. In soaps, my favourite scent is Cape Gooseberry & Musk, DIVINE, and my favourite candle is Warm Amber & Peach. Is it weird that they're different? Blackcurrant & Vanilla was the first one I tried though so it has a special place in my heart. 

Cheyney: You're bang on! The fragrances in the soaps & candles are different. The soap & candle fragrances vary slightly as they are tailored for the product. The candle fragrances are designed for burning & the soap fragrances a lot more gentle, designed for skin use. They have very similar notes. I'm like you, my preference for soap & candle differ. My favourite candle is Cape Gooseberry & Musk but my favourite soap is Blackcurrant & Vanilla :)

You're a self-confessed beauty fanatic - Which beauty product can you not live without? 

Someone's actually read my blog bio!  I want to say mascara, but I often get lash extensions or falsies, so I'll go with concealer. I'm not too fussy with which one as my skin is reasonably normal, but at the moment Collection or Rimmel are my favourites (I fake tan so need a million shades in everything depending on my tan cycle) Concealer is always a handbag essential, and can easily be hidden on 'no makeup' days as well. Concealer hides a multitude of sins so I wouldn't want to be without it. 

Do you have any Instagram tips or tricks to share? 

Don't think it's easy. It's HARD work. But my main tip I think, would be that a lot of people get caught up on how many followers they have and lose sight of what they love. I don't really keep track. It annoys Joe because I never know if my audience is growing when he asks, but I can always look back on stats and see my growth if I need to. I don't have an un-follower app that I see so many bloggers use, I think I would just get disheartened. My advice would be to just do what you love, produce content you're proud of, and be authentic. If you're honest, and you're passionate about what you're doing, the followers and like-minded people will follow. 

Are you following Stephanie's Instagram account yet? If not, I highly recommend you do your eyeballs a favour. You can find her by searching the handle @poppysbabble on Instagram. 
A huge thank you to Stephanie for answering my questions & thank you for reading. Feel free to comment below. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Until next time,

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  • Leanne Martell

    Cool reading about this lovely lady!! I follow her on instagram too, and do enjoy her posts. Thanks for sharing Cheyney!

  • Paula Hutton

    SO proud this gorgeous girl is my daughter!!! Love her blogs and photos so clever.

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