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Did you know you won't find Camille Co. fragrances in any other products? Read on to find out more about our beautiful, custom-designed (in New Zealand) scents.
I am an absolute sucker for fragrance. Some would say, I'm a perfume hoarder. I forage for gorgeous smelling products and squirrel them away. I don't use them, I want to hold on to the scent forever. Scent-imental much? Ha, see what I did there?
When Camille Co. was only an idea in my head, I knew two things I had to be happy with to succeed: The graphic design, and the fragrances. With my background in design, I knew I could get the design right (after many, many hours of perfecting). However, the fragrances, I couldn't do on my own. I was lucky enough to connect with one of New Zealand's leading perfumers. He is equal parts Scientist and 'Nose'. The process to develop the fragrances was one of my favourite experiences to date. You don't often stop to think of the complexities of fragrance and how personal it is to each individual. The perfumer lead me through a process to discover which fragrances I like, and don't like. He picked up the notes I responded well to and used these as a base to build the four core fragrances for Camille Co. Did he nail it or what?
Camille Co. fragrances are like perfumes you wear. Comprised of base notes, middle notes, and top notes, the fragrances are full and complex. Depending on the environment, the fragrances can hit the nose in different ways. There seems to be a pattern (I have noticed at markets) when I watch people interact with Camille Co. products. To give an example, on a rainy day, the crowd favourite is usually Warm Amber & Peach. Whereas on a sunny day, the majority of the crowd will pick Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle as their fave. This year, Cape Gooseberry & Musk sold best. Whereas, last year, it was Blackcurrant & Vanilla. I still haven't figured that one out. It could be because Cape Gooseberry & Musk hogged the media attention by appearing in Viva.

Blackcurrant & Vanilla

Photo Credit | Steven Harrison @whitecloudtimelapse
This is the most adventurous fragrance of all four fragrances. The Camille Co. attention seeker. It's fascinating for me to watch people interact with this fragrance. The people who love it, REALLY love it. I've seen people hold it in their hands and chase their friends urging them to smell it. 9 times out of 10, whoever is smelling it will align it with a foodie aroma.
What have people said this fragrance reminds them of?
Chocolate, maple syrup, salted caramel, maple-walnut, pecan pie, creme blulee, the smell of fake cherry, banana, brown sugar, coffee, liquorice, pancakes and ice-cream.
What can I expect from the Blackcurrant & Vanilla fragrance?
A bold fragrance, which in the candle, will fill a large room from wall, to wall. This fragrance is not shy. The vanilla tone and sugary impression will dominate. Subtle hints of blackcurrant, raspberry and iris will come out to play.

Cape Gooseberry & Musk

Photo Credit | Jennifer Strange from Flying Cranes
Not a lot of people know what Cape Gooseberries are. But when people do, they seem to have a strong connection to them. When I was working with the perfumer I said that I wanted a fragrance with Cape Gooseberry. He combined it with complimentary fragrances, to produce a delightful, mellow fragrance. I have a strong nostalgic connection with Cape Gooseberries. My Papa (Grandfather) used to save the fruit from the bush for me to eat. The sweet, tomato-like fruits are fragrant and delicious.
What have people said this fragrance reminds them of?
Jellybeans and lollies. This is the fragrance that people are the least suggestive with. It's subtle, and harmonious so none of the fragrances seem to dominate. They all play nicely together. 
What can I expect from the Cape Gooseberry & Musk fragrance?
A very mellow fragrance which will diffuse a soft, fresh fragrance. Sweet, fruity notes of cape gooseberries, green apple and coconut will waft in and out. Subtle musky tones will be there in the background the whole time.

Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle

Photo Credit | Steven Harrison @whitecloudtimelapse
For me, this fragrance is Christmas. Not everyone agrees. In fact, as I said earlier, it's very popular in Summer. It is the strongest, spiciest scent of the four fragrances. People who prefer Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle tend to find the others too sweet. I have also had many people say they don't like ginger, but they love this fragrance. 
What have people said this fragrance reminds them of?
Laundry, Christmas, citrus fruits, summer days and clean laundry. I was surprised to hear clean laundry (as it wasn't an intentional) but quite a few people have said it to me now and now that it's been pointed out, I get it. Ah, the power of suggestion! 
What can I expect from the Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle fragrance?
Expect a spicy hit chased by delicate citrus and floral aromas. A customer has told me that every time she uses the Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle soap, she discovers a new fragrance. In the candle, this fragrance will fill a large room, so ideal for large spaces such as a large, open dining room, or living room.

Warm Amber & Peach 

Calling all sweet tooths! It is a trend that those who love Blackcurrant & Vanilla, tend to love Warm Amber & Peach (and vice versa).
What have people said this fragrance reminds them of?
Baking, cakes/muffins, peach cobbler, chocolate and caramel.
What can I expect from the Warm Amber & Peach fragrance?
Warmth, there is no doubt that this is a warm, comforting scent. The candle diffuses a pleasant fragrance without even lighting it. If you trap the fragrance in with the lid, and release the fragrance every few days, you will catch wafts of it as you walk by. Light it for a more intense aroma. 
Which fragrance is your favourite? Or which one are you wanting to try next? What does your favourite Camille Co. fragrance remind you of?
I have VERY exciting news. I am currently working with the perfumer on a new candle fragrance (insert happy dance). Some of you might have seen hints on our Instagram or Facebook account. We are only looking to extend our candle range, our soap range will remain the same.
Can you guess what the new fragrance will be?
Until next time,

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