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Hi guys, just a quick note here from Cheyney. This blog post is written by our guest blogger Erin Harrison. She's a very close friend of mine, a talented writer and a dedicated Camille Co. fan (I think she's tried all the products now). We hope you enjoy her article, it has taught me some things about soap I didn't know! Until next time, Cheyney xxx

It probably goes without saying that soap is a rather significant part of our day-to-day lives. In fact - did you know that a soap-like material was found in during an excavation of ancient Babylon, which means around about the year 2800 B.C., folks were already wising up to the necessity of soap (especially after a day of building all those temples).

But how much do you really know about the humble soap, something that you have a such an, uh, intimate relationship with?  

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All soaps are created equal, right?

Actually, no. While they all have the same purpose - to clean your skin - they don’t all do the job in the same way, or with the same ingredients.  

There are plenty of variables when it comes to what result they will have on your skin, and in fact, some can even strip your skin of not only dirt and oil, but all the good stuff too! And since skin is the largest organ in the human body, you need to look after it.  

What you want to know is that the soap you are using is able to cleanse your body of grime and pollution (especially between your toes where there can be up to 14 different species of fungi living - ew!). But what you should also want to know is that the soap you are using won’t damage your skin. This is why it is important to know whether your soap has glycerin in it (a component that aids in retaining moisture).

During the manufacturing process of many soaps, glycerin is removed, which means when you use the product, you end up with skin that is dryer than when before you washed! High quality soaps put the glycerin back in - all the better for ensuring our skin stays supple and nourished. (Don’t worry - Camille Co. soaps most definitely contain glycerin).  

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Why is triple milled soap such a big deal?

When soap is manufactured it gets passed through a milling machine of smooth, stainless steel rollers. And when it is ‘triple milled’, the soap gets passed through this machine three times! Simple huh. But why the need to repeat the process so many times? It’s actually for a good reason.

Firstly, it means all the soap ingredients and fragrance is thoroughly mixed together. And secondly - it squeezes out any extra moisture or air. The triple milled soap will also contain LESS water and more actual soap, meaning it will last longer. So you certainly get more ‘bang for your buck’ here (especially if you look after it by keeping it dry between uses).

You’ll also find it has a much richer lather, a definite bonus when it comes to washing up in the bath or shower.

Camille Co. Soap

Be kind to the environment, and your skin

From pump bottles, to wrapping and packaging there is plenty of ways in which plastic plays a part in the packaging of soap. Some even have plastic in them - you’ve probably heard of microbeads? They can be found in cleansing products (like face washes, soaps etc) as they add an extra step of exfoliating the skin. But the problem is, they don’t dissolve, they go down your drain and can pass unfiltered through water treatment, ending up in streams, rivers, and the ocean. Which isn’t too great for the environment.

So, along with our 100% recyclable packaging, Camille Co. uses natural products to aid in exfoliation - poppy seeds, orange peel and oat bran. This helps with gentle daily removal of dead skin (something we need a little help with as we, ahem, age). Exfoliation can make you glow just that little bit more by uncovering all that fresh new skin underneath.     

Phew! Who knew there could be so much to learn about soap. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick lesson in caring for your skin with the right soap, and feel better equipped to decide what you want to use next time you are in the bath or shower.

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