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Have you heard of My Beloved Style? It's a beautiful blog started by Miss Aimee Fleur. I have been crushing on Mis Aimee's Instagram feed since way back when, before I started Camille Co. 

Over the years, I have sent Aimee product to try and Camille Co. has been lucky enough to be featured on her Insta feed as well as in a post over on her blog. Read her Blog Post featuring Camille Co. here.

I reached out to Aimee to interview her for this blog because I was interested to find out how she started, what inspires her, and how she stays motivated to produce beautiful lifestyle content. The results of the interview are below: 

What inspired you to start My Beloved Style?
It all sort of went in reverse, to be honest, I was just merrily going along posting pics on Instagram with a following of maybe 1000 when Instagram chose me as a suggested user, and from there it blew up! A friend encouraged me to start the blog and share things in more detail and it grew from there. So I guess I wasn't really inspired to start My Beloved Style it was more of a natural progression.

Your Instagram has a huge following. How did it grow so big? Do you have any tips?

As mentioned above, it all has to do with the suggested user thing. I view being a suggested user as a blessing and a curse. I was a suggested user twice (about a year apart). Since then, I have had a shrinking following rather than a growing one (due to the bots on Instagram). I guess people followed me due to Instagram's suggestion, then decided I was not "for them". My engagement does not, nor never will, match my following. I have had many accuse me of buying followers etc. which as much as I know it isn't true, it still kinda sucks.
Tips from me would be to stay true to yourself. Remain authentic and engage with your audience. If someone comments on a photo or messages you, reply and return the love too. 

If you could use four words to describe your style, what would they be?
Relaxed, eclectic, green (all the plants!), and floral! I really just buy and display what I like (and what I can afford).

You’re a busy lady. How do you relax, unwind and keep motivated to share your lifestyle on the blog?
I love to read magazines & books, burn candles, and enjoy cups of coffee (or glasses of wine depending on the time of day) in my favourite spot at home.
I really only post now when I have something to share, and when it feels right for me, I have removed a lot of pressure from myself this year and it feels so good!

What’s your latest interior obsession?
Cane furniture and always plants.
I have always been in awe of the photos you share of home-grown flowers. What is your all-time favourite flower?
It would be between Freesias, Dahlia and Ranunculus.
What does a typical day look like for Miss Aimee Fleur?

During the week it's school drop-offs, work (practice manager for a law firm), then home for dinner with family. Once the kids are in bed I relax with my husband. I'm a type 1 diabetic so I monitor my blood sugars regularly throughout the day.
On the weekends it's a mixture of outdoor adventures (beach, parks, bush walks, etc.) eating out, and working on projects around the home.

A huge thank you to Aimee for taking the time to answer my questions. Feel free to post in the comments below. If you would like to find out more about Aimee (or follow her journey) find her: On  My Beloved Style, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Until next time, 

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