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Alina from Wild & Whim has kindly written a blog post about her love for Camille Co. products, I hope you enjoy the read. Find Wild & Whim on Facebook and InstagramThis is the last post for 2017, thank you for all your ongoing support. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until next time, Cheyney xx

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The Camille Co. range is perfection. From the packaging to the scents of the candles and soaps, it has all been carefully thought out. For serious candle collectors, finding the perfect scent goes way beyond choosing between the best smell, how the product is displayed is a huge contributing factor. There’s a whole science behind what makes for a quality fragrance (it's an art) and I believe Camille Co. has mastered it. Camille Co. is a luxurious and environmentally friendly range of fragrance and body care products, made in New Zealand. I’ve enjoyed this high-end brand over the last few years and I always look forward to having their products.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I love Camille Co. 


Camille Co. products are my go-to items for any type of gift. I have gifted the candles and soaps around the world from New Zealand to Hawaii, Vancouver, and even Holland. The soaps make the perfect housewarming gift. I adore every single fragrance, but my absolute favourite is the Warm Amber and Peach. From the moment I hand that stunning little gift over, the recipient is immediately impressed with the packaging. The clever design of the box and the pattern makes a statement from the beginning. Once opened, the fragrance speaks for itself. The soaps honestly last forever and the candles smell so divine when burning in your home. If you ever need a last-minute housewarming gift, I would highly recommend these products.


As I keep up with Instagram and all the latest trends, I enjoy incorporating Camille Co. into my styling. The pure beauty and scent can’t be captured in a single photo but I always try my best to make everything look as pretty as the smell. The candles and soaps are so easy to style with. You can make them look elegant and sophisticated or vamp it up by adding some colour, or something fun. The packaging can be used on its own as a backdrop for a simple flat lay. I like to use the candles in the background of my décor styling pieces so it’s just slightly out of focus, but still in the shot.


Yes, that’s right we even use these beauties for weddings!

Bridesmaid Gifts
If you’re looking at creating a fun little box for your bridesmaids then these soaps and candles make a perfect little addition. What a fun way to ask your best gals to be standing by your side! They’re fun and girly and who doesn’t love receiving something amazing like this?

Gifts to the Happy Couple
Being in the wedding industry I’m always on the lookout for something amazing to gift my couples when the big day is said and done! I think a beautiful candle is something personal and will last as they remember that joyous day.

Wedding Styling
I would absolutely love to style a complete wedding with Camille Co. products. I would have my couple pick their favourite scent and then have the candles scattered throughout the ceremony and reception. I would adore making a little soap bar décor setting off to the side. Finding an old wash basin and vintage accents would really set the scene, then at the end of the night, the guests could take them home as their “thank you” gift.

Camille Co. candles are gorgeous and who doesn’t love something luxurious or the chance to try a new candle range? That’s what luxury candles signify to me: Fresh, uniqueness and a cut above the rest (plus they're environmentally friendly).

What more can you ask for? Camille Co. is style for living!

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