A list of my 2017 New Year's Resolutions

I am goal orientated. No which way about it. I like to think that's why I get so much done, but I also know that it contributes to my high levels of stress. 

I had actually planned for this blog post about 3 months ago. I had written most of it & chosen all the images. I planned the following newsletter & a whole social media campaign (haha nerd alert).

Come 2017, the original blog copy has gone out the window. I have used only one of the few images I had chosen & my train of thought is different. I had a great holiday over Christmas & as a result, I am happier & more relaxed. I want 2017 to continue this way.

I have already achieved so much of my todo list this year & it's because I haven't set myself rigid deadlines.

So my goal is to have less goals. This goes against all goal setting rules, as it isn't measurable. But i'm ok with it, it's the rules that stress me out! 

I often get told I put too much pressure on myself. So my friends reading this might breathe a sigh of relief. I want to have more fun this year. Continue to grow the business (of course), but take a more relaxed approach. I want to cook more & take a pottery class. Take more time for myself. I thrive when I'm creative & getting my hands stuck in. Like anyone, when i'm happy & relaxed, I create my best work. Win win for Camille Co. 

I am halving the amount of blog posts & E-newsletters I release this year. I want to be intentional with the content.

I would love to hear from you about what you would want to read. Your feedback is encouraging & helpful. Is there anything you would like more of from Camille Co.? Do you get our E-newseletter? Is there something you would like to see more of? What blog posts have you enjoyed reading? Does this post resonate with you?

Here's to a happy & productive (but relaxed) year full of quality & intention!

Until next time,

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