Being my Own Boss - How My Day Looks

This week I have changed the format of the blog slightly. All of the images are now square (they used to be rectangular). Can anyone notice the difference? What do you think? Is this one of those fussy design detail that goes unnoticed? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

I often get asked "what do you DO all day?". For one, I probably stay in my pyjamas way longer than it's socially acceptable - but that doesn't mean i'm not working hard, in fact, I tend to get a LOT done in my trusty PJs. 

I will share my work day with you in the best way I know how, with photos. 


It is no secret, I wake up hungry & won't get anywhere without a coffee. This brain needs food & caffeine to function. I usually do a brain workout on my phone (on an app called Lumosity) to help aid me in the wake-up-process.


I will ease into the day by trawling Pinterest & dealing with any emails. I usually have a bunch of emails I need to write or respond to. Everything from collaboration emails, organising markets, online orders, liaising with store owners, suppliers etc.


I need my walks. I get most of my ideas while I am out getting exercise & fresh air. I've always been inspired by nature & love to keep moving. 


Process online orders. Pick, pack, distribute. Quality control (a plain soap in amongst a bunch of Ginger & Wild Honeysuckle soaps? Better call the supplier...)


Again...With the eating. I need to eat otherwise I won't get anything done. I usually eat something pretty healthy (with some dark choc to top it off). Pictured above is fruit salad with yoghurt & homemade granola. YUM.


Work on posters, advertising, branding & photography. I use: Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign.


Planning is key for me. I have the next 6 months laid out & will add things to my calendar as necessary. Yes, my calendar is colour coded. I will write blog posts & newsletters well in advance & ensure all the photos are ready & all the copy has been proofed.


Keeping updated & up-skilling is so important for me. Whether it is listening to podcasts, TED talks or reading articles online, I am always trying to get current & helpful information.

Being my own boss is much different from when I was working for someone else. It has it's pros & cons, it isn't all coffee & pyjamas. Being in charge of 100% of the decisions & being held 100% accountable is a big challenge to take on, but I love it. Please feel free to share what your work day looks like too.

Until next time,

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  • Hannah Purser

    I hear ya……I get alot done in my pj’s too! The busier I am….the longer I am in my pj’s! Its a positive I reckon :)

  • Margaret Cronk

    Super blog thanks for sharing “a day in the Camille Co life” loved it !

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