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Tomorrow is the end of the financial year. ARGH. This is the first time this date has rolled around since I opened the online store last September. The tax component of the business is scary to me, thankfully I have a great accountant. Even then, I find it all a bit overwhelming. 

I know when I am overwhelmed because my brain gets flooded with thoughts, all at once, like a tidal wave (generally right before I try & sleep, thanks brain). When this happens - too many thoughts leads to sleep deprivation, which causes me to be grumpy. My first port of call is to listen to music which calms me, but when I have a lot on my plate, I need to delve a little deeper.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, worried or would just like to relax more - I urge you to look after yourself & take some time out. 

I have compiled a list of some of the steps I take when I am overwhelmed. Included are very helpful links which I highly recommend. Perhaps some of these things can help you, or a friend who you know is a bit frazzled:


Please do not click to read this link if you are easily offended by swearwords - To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind In Lifewritten by Jamie Varon. The message is this: Stop trying to control everything in your life, & surrender to timing. It's great, honest, & simple writing (with the odd curse word thrown in). This article was posted by a friend on Facebook with extremely serendipitous timing, I needed a blunt reminder to just chill.


Found on the Business Insider website, this article gives helpful strategies to overcome stresses in your life. Complete with visuals (I like that). 15 Ways To Manage Stress


This Ted talk by Guy Winch is awesome. Why We All Need To Practice Emotional First AidA talk outlining how we should treat our mind like we do our body. Guy discusses how we are hard-wired to maintain our physical health but points out that often we do not treat our psychological health with the same care.


Image Credit | www.galadarling.com

This next article is written by New Zealand blogger Gala Darling who is just killing it over in New York City with her Radical Self Love Movement10 Really Easy Ways You Can Love Yourself More Today. Her website is awesome, she has a multitude of blog posts geared towards being kinder to yourself.


Image credit | www.headspace.com

Guided meditation is so good for relaxation. If you have a smart phone, the following app is GREAT. It has a free Take 10 series (which is 10 mins a day for 10 days). It is gentle, easy, & consistent guided meditation with a neutral voice (sometimes the voices in guided meditations distract me too much to relax). If you are interested, search for the Headspace App on your smartphone & try it out.

I hope that some of these strategies help you to relax or help to calm a busy mind. Please share any tips, tricks or links you might have.

Oh, one last tip, get out & go for a walk in nature. If I don't go for a walk for a couple of days, I feel it. It's the perfect way to unwind. Some of my best ideas have come flooding to me on my peaceful walks. Keep calm & carry on ;)

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