10 Memories From An 80's & 90's Childhood

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with today's pace. As I get older, days, weeks, months, & years seem to get quicker & quicker. From time to time, I like to take a trip down memory lane to reflect on my life, & how this world has changed since I first graced it with my presence.

The research for this post was fun. I dug out some of my old treasures that I can't part with (I have a phobia of clutter so it proves how important these are to me). Here goes:


Gorgeous but impractical. I'm sure Prince William dined with Bunnykins. We, on the other hand, admired it from afar as we slopped food all over our laminated artwork turned placemats. This set will forever continue to collect dust in my Mum's china cabinet.  


I was happy to see this guy featured on Toy Story 3. I want to see how the kids of today interact with this bad boy without a touch screen & hands free kit...


I have vivid memories of shouting down the hall to my Dad at night before bed. "Daaaaad: I can't turn my popple inside out". My fingers were too small & weak to 'pop' my popple. The struggle was real. 


Chances are, if you grew up in New Zealand & you had a Nana, you learned to knit. This scarf marks the one time that 8 year old Cheyney had the patience to learn such a skill. I think Nana knitted about 99.9% of it, & I finished the rest (not without saying "I'm booooored" a few hundred times). I would give anything to sit with her & learn now.


Stories of a cartoon hedgehog causing havoc. Classic.


I guess I have always been a freak when it comes to organisation. This was one of my favourite toys. It took me about a year to save up $50 to be able to buy this. It has a matchmaker function where you enter your birth date & the birth date of your lover & it gives you a love compatibility report. Anyone unsure of their relationship? Email me & I will ask My Magic Diary for the truth. I should have been the most popular kid at school with this. But, I wasn't (might have had something to do with my dress sense, I'm not sure).

I can not BELIEVE this still works. 


Probably the best invention EVER. Unisex & timeless. All my lego will be forced upon my future children.


I was such a girly girl & when this necklace arrived in a parcel from my Grandma (she lived in the States) I was beside myself. I still wear it today.

9. CDs

A love for all kinds of music developed at a young age for me. Anything from Korn to The Offspring to Spice Girls. I still listen to CDs in my car & enjoy that a good ol' mix CD marks a period of time, similar to fragrance.


Polaroid was to the 90's what Instagram is today. I was given this camera by my best friend's parents (who are like second parents to me) & was so sad when Polaroid stopped producing film. I think you can buy the film on ebay - anyone have a spare $53,000 to buy a pack of film?

That's all the photos I have to share but here are a couple of honorable mentions: Polly Pockets, Chatter Rings, Magic Eye Books, Mood Rings & Glitter Wands.

Please feel free to comment to share your nostalgic memories. I would be interested to hear what stands out from your childhood. Until next time, 

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  • Cheyney

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Happy to share some old memories :) Hannah, did you notice the polaroids? It’s from a trip out to Muriwai what would have been about 7 years ago now I reckon!

  • Hannah

    Love all these memories – such a throw back in time!
    Especially the polariods and magic diary. Life was so simple back then x

  • Shannon

    Mercer Mayer books! Yes these were my fave! I loved the “Little sister” book xx

  • Sez

    Love this Cheyney! I remember most of these things also. I have a Polaroid, I haven’t bought any film in a while but you used to be able to buy it at camera stores, but your right is is VERY expensive x

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