4 Ways to Pimp your Instagram Feed


I have started to really get into Instagram over the last 6 months. If you don't know what Instagram is, it is a platform where you can post & edit images to share with the world. It functions best on a smartphone with a camera. You can instantly upload content or browse other accounts. Not only is it a great way to keep in touch with your friends but it is also great for inspiration, motivation, laughs & eye candy.

I am always looking for new & interesting Instagram accounts to follow. I have compiled some of my favorite Instagram accounts below if you're in the mood to pimp your feed.

Camille Co. has been hosting a Photo-A-Day challenge for the month of September. If you haven't already, follow @camilleconz to join in the fun. 


Photo credits: Marjorie Lacombe @creativekipi (left) | Anne Hilde Lystad (right)

I love to follow accounts on Instagram that dust my feed with pops of colour. Here are two of my favourites:

@creativekipi - A creative photo maker from San Diego. This account user posts beautifully composed pastel images that are just stunning! It seems that over 50,000 other followers think so too. The entire feed reminds me of one of those candy necklaces you can eat, DELISH!

@anne_hilde_lystad - I am in awe of how this Instagram user views the world. She finds bright & contrasting colour combinations, takes photos on her iphone & shares them with the world. Bold & brave colour combos that just seem to work!


Photo credits: @arthistorysnap (left) | Claudia Oshry @girlwithnojob (right)

I despise the abbreviation LOL, but in this case, it must be used. That is what these accounts make me do - laugh out loud. Whenever I need a giggle or a pick me up I head over to these accounts:

@arthistorysnap - Caution: Content may offend. Modern day snapshot vandalism on famous paintings from throughout history. This account posts images of snapchats where witty text has been overlaid on top of paintings to change the context & meaning. Both offensive & creative.

@girlwithnojob - Caution: Content may offend. This account is by a girl, who has no job, funny that. She regularly posts images teamed with captions that give the image a new context. These images are relatable & hilarious. Particularly if you're a girl who has ever been single, or have been on a diet, or consumed too much wine, or all of the above. 


Photo credits: @deliciousskin_ (left) | Caroline Bahrenscheer @septemberedit (right)

Sometimes I want some inspiration & motivation thrown in & amongst beautifully styled photography. These two accounts offer just that:

@deliciousskin_ - Natural, affordable, vegan Australian skincare brand. A mixture of beautiful product shots, useful information, inspirational quotes & hilarious images. I personally know the owner of this brand & her feed accurately portrays how great her products are at the same time as reflecting her personal passion, creativity & sense of humor. If you're into healthy living & are in search of some quality vegan skincare, check out their website at http://www.deliciousskin.com.au/

@septemberedit - If you're into Scandanavian design & home decor then you will love this feed by visual blogger Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer. Carefully styled monochrome images with splashes of green & gold dominate this feed. I recommend this feed to anyone who is a sucker for styling or interior design.


Photo credits: Steven Harrison @whitecloudtimelapse (left) | Jodi @jodianne_ (right)

Treat your eyes with visually spectacular Instagram feeds. Something about these two feeds pull at my optical strings:

@whitecloudtimelapse - Stunning time-lapses showcasing New Zealand landscape at its best. Hours of work have been poured into these masterpieces. The photographer is meticulous & dedicated. He has a knack for matching audio with his clips so remember to double tap for sound. If you love NZ, stars or nature, you will love these bursts of brilliance in amongst your feed.

@jodianne_ - Styled photographs featuring flowers 90% of the time. Jodi is a stylist extraordinaire living in Australia. Her feed makes my heart do a happy dance. So SO pretty.

Please feel free to share this post on Facebook or comment below with your feedback or to share your favorite accounts. Until next time,

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