Who am I? No really, who am I?


I'm Cheyney, creator of Camille Co. The purpose of this blog is to inspire, provoke & ignite. You can expect clips, quotes, thoughts, images, links, warm fuzzes & funnies. These are all things that inspire Camille Co & me (Camille Co. sounds like my significant other & it kind of is). Rather than bleat on about myself for my first blog post, I thought I would interview some of my nearest & dearest to give you a well rounded view of who I am. Here goes:

If I was an animal, what would it be and why?

Catherine: A unique combination of enthusiasm, humour, honesty & optimism. You put a zany slant on as many things as possible. Example: "I eat heaps & I never get full. I think it's normal though, I reckon everyone else just pretends to get full". Your animal: A brown bear who constantly seeks re-assurance that you are in fact a bear. Why? Because you are embracing, all-encompassing, & (awe)-inspiring to others. Your occasionally 'grizzly' moods are always honest, random & humorous, rather than wild & with purpose.

Erin: A dolphin! They are free-spirited, adventurous, friendly & very caring, but also a little naughty/cheeky.

Ash: A llama is the first thing that sprung to mind. But you know that real cool kinda sassy llama you find in the google images? You have similar hair to a llama sometimes & I can see your facial expression suiting a llama. Plus there is nothing funnier than a llama.

Kev: A bunny rabbit! You're always doing things and running around & eating vegetables. On occasion, you just chill right out.

Stefan: I would say a kangaroo. You have high energy. You are very caring & kind like a mother kangaroo. I'm sure if you had a pouch you would be able to keep all your friends in there, safe and looked after.

Off the top of your head what are 3 things in life you can think of that you know I love?

Kat: Family. Just 3? Potato salad & I'd say friends but that's boring. Family, my potato salad & good looking firemen.

Shannon: Your family, friends & design. If you mean little things: Music, make up, perfume, the list goes on.

Claire: Music, swimming / ocean, friends & family. My alternative thoughts are natural landscapes & nature photographs.

Milan: You love music, comforts of friends & family, creativity, eating healthy, coffee, nature, travels, deep conversations, planning, driving missions & Ronnie off Jersey Shore.

Ashwin: Attention to detail, Carpeing the Diem, friends & family.

Sin: Muesli bars, eating & karaoke. Haha. Your family, your friends & bike riding.

Former coworkers, what 3 words come to mind when you think of me in the work place?

Brenda: Bubbly, expressive & genuine.

Chantel: Organised, prompt & smiling.

Amanda: Great customer service, knowledgable & natural (I don't really know the word I'm searching for. I'm trying to say you have a knack for it. Like, you just have an intuition about what would work well & what wouldn't), informed?

What is your most distinct memory of traveling with me?

Laura: A constant that stood out was your organisation & taking me under your wing, like in New York when you studied the confusing subway system (which was utterly mind boggling to me) to figure out the most effect route wherever we had to go which always consisted of many trains going every which way! This of course had me in a bit of a panic but you always put my mind at ease, made sure I was okay & safe. I had complete faith in you.

Victoria: The Hawaii trip. Driving Ryan's car (whatever fancy brand it was) & how you were a pro driving on the other side of the road. You were super calm & supportive of me when I tried.

How would you sum me up in 3 words?

Mum: Loving, creative & loyal.

Dad: Intelligent, caring, witty & honest.

Torrey: Organised, creative & thoughtful.

Koo: Determined, creative, adventurous, thoughtful, imaginative, devoted & enthusiastic.

Hannah: Friendly, hilarious & thoughtful.

Sara: Open minded, outgoing & polite. The first 3 words were those. Some more that come up too: Creative, friendly, generous & honest.

Steve: Loyal, funny & caring.

Brad: Funny, artistic & creative.

Matt: Confident, headstrong & down-to-earth.

When you think of me what colour springs to mind and why?

Rose: A soft pastel peach. I think I've seen you wear the colour a few times? Maybe as a lipstick?

Jana: Green! Then peach. Green because you're so environmentally conscious (& your eyes look green sometimes) & peach because I think i've seen you in a few peach-coloured dresses. I don't know, every time I see you there is a cloud of peachiness around you. Must be your aura.

Steph: I think of orange. Not too sure why but I feel like it is such a bright and happy colour & whenever I see you, you are always happy or at least having a positive outlook on things even if you are a little down.

So there we have it, a bit about me according to family and friends. Pretty funny responses!

I encourage & appreciate your feedback so please feel free to comment on any posts or get in contact with me. Until next time,

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